Male Infertility - FAQs

We are trying for a baby since last 6 months with no luck? Am I Infertile? When should I see the doctor?

Remember it takes roughly a year or more for a woman to conceive, so not getting pregnant straight away is normal. A couple is said to be Infertile if they fail to conceive even after having unprotected sexual intercourse regularly for one year. Couples who fail to conceive after a year, should consult the doctor for required intervention

How do I know if my semen sample is good enough to father a child?

Along with semen analysis, certain specialized functional tests, like sperm vitality, Hypo-osmotic swelling (HOS) test, Acrosome Intactness Index (AI), Nuclear chromatin decondensation test (NCD), sperm DNA fragmentation Index (DFI), Reactive oxygen species (ROS) assessment in semen help us predict the fertilizing ability of sperm.

What is the success rate of treatments at your centre?

Globally the success rate of assisted reproductive technology is between 15-20% for intra uterine insemination and 40-50% for in-vitro fertilization. The success rate at our centre is higher than the global average. However, the success rate for every individual is different from the other. For more information on success rates, please visit the Success Rates page.

Who are the doctors at your centre? Do you also have dieticians and therapists?

We are a fully functional hospital with 4 centers to treat male & female infertility. We have a large team of experts with over 100 years of collective experience. We have dieticians for diet and lifestyle counselling and therapists to help you holistically. For more information on Our Expert Team, please visit the Who are We Page.

Do you offer treatment for male infertility? Who are the doctors present for the same?

Yes, we offer treatments for male infertility. Dr. Krishna Chaitanya, a clinical embryologist is the consulting doctor for male infertility.

Am I too old for a fertility treatment?

While age is a cause for infertility, it varies from person to person. You must make an appointment at our clinic and the doctor will be able to suggest a treatment after a thorough examination.

We are not a married couple. Will you be able to treat us for infertility problems ?

We offer fertility treatments only for married couples in order to avoid potential legal troubles.

Does your centre perform deliveries?

No we do not perform deliveries.

Do you offer gynecology/ obstetrics treatments too ?

We offer all kinds of gynecological treatments irrespective of age. We do not provide any kinds of child delivery help.

What are the kinds of treatment available?

We offer all kinds of infertility treatments at Oasis. For further information, please visit out Treatments page.

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