Sperm health is highly essential for a successful and healthy conception. Several lifestyle factors may affect sperm health. For conception, sperm parameters like sperm quantity, quality, movement, and morphology play a crucial role. If you are planning to conceive, have a quick read on how your daily routine can hamper sperm production and how to improve your sperm count.

Activities that are harmful to your sperm health:


Cigarette smoking can lead to DNA damage in sperm; affect sperm production and can lead to reduced sperm quality. Paternal smoking can also lead to deformities in the offspring.

Illicit drugs:

Marijuana, narcotics and other illicit drugs can have a negative effect on male fertility. These can cause reduce sperm concentration and sperm count.


Studies suggest that obese men have increased DNA fragmentation and abnormal semen parameters. The percentage of live birth is also low in the case of obese men who take up fertility treatments for conception.


Stress has been associated with reduced sperm motility and reduced testosterone hormone levels.

Advanced Paternal Age:

Age affects men’s fertility. It has been observed that there is increased sperm DNA fragmentation, and a decrease in semen volume, and motility in older men. Advanced paternal age can also result in higher rates of spontaneous abortion.

How to improve sperm health?

1. Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption

2. Have a healthy diet and manage a proper weight

3. Have a regular exercise regimen

4. Manage stress and anxiety

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