Author: Dr. Hema Vaithianathan, Senior Consultant & Fertility Specialist

What is micro-TESE?

MicroTESE – Microsurgical testicular sperm extraction. It is a surgical procedure that involves sperm retrieval from the testicular tissue of a male’s testes.

Who requires micro-TESE during IVF?

Micro TESE is advised for men diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia.

Non-obstructive azoospermia is a severe male fertility issue that is characterized by low number of sperm or no sperm at all in the ejaculate due to sperm production issues.

Birth defects, certain medical treatments, hormonal imbalances, radiation, varicocele and a history of testicular surgery can cause non-obstructive azoospermia.

Micro-TESE is of a great advantage for men with zero sperm count, as it allows them to have a chance at having their own biological child without opting for donor sperm treatment.

Why micro-TESE?

· It is a procedure with a probability of high sperm retrieval rate compared to other sperm retrieval procedures.

· Owing to the precision and accuracy of the procedure, it ensures retrieval of best-quality sperms, enough to be successfully utilised in IVF/ICSI process.

· It has low risk of complications as it preserves vascularity and avoids trauma to tissues.

· It causes minimal side effects and damage to the reproductive system.

· It is also recommended in case of unsuccessful outcome of TESE, PESE, and PESA procedures.

Is hospitalization required for micro TESE?

Micro TESE does not require any hospitalization as it is a day-care procedure.

What is the recovery time and post-surgery care for micro–TESE?

Most men recover quickly from the surgery. Patients might experience mild discomfort after the procedure until the incision site is completely healed.

Routine wound care will be advised for you after the procedure.

It is best to abstain from any sexual activities, heavy lifting, or any exercise for 10 days after the procedure.

Is micro–TESE painful?

There might be a slight pain at the incision site after the procedure. An ice pack is used for the first 24 hours after the procedure to help alleviate the pain. Painkillers are prescribed to avoid any pain or discomfort after the procedure.

In case of severe pain, discomfort, bleeding, and swelling seek immediate medical attention.

Is micro-TESE successful?

The success rate of micro–TESE is good enough compared to other sperm retrieval techniques. Sperm retrieval rates for micro–TESE are approximately 40-60% as compared to conventional procedures like TESE.

At Androlife, we have successfully completed more than 100 micro TESE procedures in a short period of time.

Our experienced fertility specialists and andrologists have an expertise in a wide range of other surgical sperm retrieval procedures including TESE, TESA, Micro TESE, MESA, and PESA.

Consulting a fertility specialist/andrologist at the right time is essential to address fertility issues in men.

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