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Oligospermia is the condition where the man's sperm sample contains a low sperm count. A sperm

Normozoospermia is a term used to talk about a completely normal semen sample. A basic spermogram

In Hyperspermia, a male produces semen in more than normal amounts. When the semen volume per ejaculation

Aspermia is a condition where the men are unable to ejaculate, or the ejaculate contains no semen.

When no sperms or measurable sperms can be found in a man’s semen, the condition is called Azoospermia.

When we talk about infertility due to abnormal sperms, we always tend to assume that the issue lies

Male infertility can be caused by low sperm production or low sperm count caused by abnormal sperm

Fertility preservation is an option for men and couples who dream of becoming a parent but may not

Post Ejaculatory UrinalysisWhat is post-ejaculatory urinalysis? A post-ejaculation urinalysis or PEU is a test performed to check the presence of sperm in the urine, which…

A testicular biopsy is a tissue sample taken from the testicle to diagnose the causes of male infertility

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