Celiac Disease & Male Infertility

Frequently Asked Questions

Infertility is the inability to contribute to conception. If a couple were trying to have a baby unsuccessfully for over a year, they may be called infertile.

Celiac disease or the autoimmune response to gluten consumption can cause infertility in both men and women. In men, it has been noticed that those who have celiac disease may also have gonadal dysfunction. They may have problems in the sperm’s morphology. It has been noticed that with a gluten-free diet, fertility improved in men with celiac disease.

Fertility experts believe that men who have celiac disease also suffer from abnormal sperms and hormone levels. This makes it hard for them to get their partners pregnant. These men may also have androgen resistance which makes their body resistant to testosterone. A gluten-free diet and medications have been proven to make a great improvement in fertility for men who have celiac diseases.

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