Many have a misconception that aging affects only women’s fertility. Men’s reproductive potential also decreases with age. Yes, men too have a biological clock that is ticking away..

How aging affects men’s fertility?

· Men’s sperm production slows down with time

· Sperm quality decreases

· Testosterone level decreases

· Aging can result in genetic abnormalities in the sperm

· Older paternal age can lead to miscarriage and other complications like preeclampsia, preterm birth, etc.

· Older men have a high risk of having children with neurological disorders

· Chance of sperm DNA fragmentation is high

How to protect sperm health?

Even in the case of young men, one needs to protect sperm health by means of lifestyle modifications like:

· Quitting smoking & alcohol consumption

· Controling sugar levels

· Exercising regularly

· Limiting the use of electronic gadgets, especially by avoiding the use of laptop on lap

Why male fertility evaluation is necessary?

If a couple is planning to conceive, it is better to take up pre-conception counseling along with the spouse. A basic fertility evaluation can help the couple to understand if there are any fertility issues in the male or female partner that can affect conception. Men also equally contribute to infertility and hence it’s high time men come out of their inhibitions and denial mode and take up fertility consultation if the couple is unable to conceive even after a year.

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