Stress & Infertility in Men


Infertility is on the rise globally, and a significant part of it is attributed to stress, anxiety and other mental health problems. Modern life and its demands have caused immense burden and stress on both females and males. Both males and females suffer from fertility problems due to stress. While the mechanism is not fully understood, many studies have proven that stress contributes to male infertility.

In a study by Jurewicz et al., the results demonstrated that stress adversely affected the volume of semen and the number of progressive sperms. Both quality and quantity of the sperms were negatively impacted.

Another study at Soroka University Medical Center, Israel, showed that prolonged stress, as found in soldiers in war, caused the decreased quality of sperms. It was seen that the chances of damaged sperm with low motility were 47% more in men during the war than in normal periods.

How can stress cause low quality sperm production?

Researchers opine that stress causes the releases the steroid hormones, namely glucocorticoids that decrease testosterones and normal production of sperm. Another theory says that oxidative stress negatively impacts sperm and semen.

Steps to improve the quality and quantity of sperm in stressful conditions-

  • Stay active
  • Use relaxation techniques like yoga and breathing exercises.
  • Avoid obesity and stay in the ideal BMI category.
  • Keep the temperature low by using a loose undergarment.
  • Avoid high temperatures like in saunas and hot tubs. Limit the use of gadgets like laptops, cell phones and electric blankets.
  • Always talk to your doctor when getting on a new medication about its impact on fertility.
  • Consume a healthy diet with ample amounts of vegetables and fruits.

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