What is Normozoospermia?

Normozoospermia refers to a semen sample that fulfills the semen criteria as per WHO (World Health Organization) Manual for Human Semen Analysis (6th Edition 2021). It simply means that the semen parameters like sperm count, motility, and morphology are normal. 

WHO reference values (6th Edition 2021):

Semen volume1.4 ml
Semen concentration16 million/ml
Total Motility42%
Progressive Motility30%
Morphology (normal forms)4%

What is the connection between Normozoospermia and Fertility?

If a semen sample meets the above criteria, it is said to be normozoospermic sample. But just a diagnosis of normozoospermia doesn’t necessarily rule out infertility. There are many other factors other than sperm count, morphology, motility, volume, and concentration that cannot be evaluated through a semen analysis.  

It is important to note that even men who are normozoospermic can face difficulty in becoming a father as there may be other reasons like genetic factors, sperm DNA fragmentation, etc. that could impact one’s fertility. 

What does the Semen Analysis Report Normozoospermia with Infection indicate?

Normozoospermia indicates that all semen parameters are normal. But if an infection has been mentioned, it becomes highly essential to visit an Andrologist to know the cause of infection and also get it treated as some kinds of infections can affect sperm count, motility, etc.  

What does Normozoospermia with Hypospermia mean?

If all the semen parameters are normal but only if semen volume is less, it is said to be hypospermia.  

Even if one has abnormal sperm parameters, advanced fertility treatment procedures like MACS, Microfluidics, TESA, Micro-TESE, etc. are available to enable men to overcome infertility and attain fatherhood without going in for donor sperm in the majority of the cases.  

If a couple is unable to conceive even after a year of trying it becomes vital for the couple to meet a fertility specialist/Andrologist without any delay.

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