Conditions & Treatments

A male infertility test usually starts with a thorough evaluation. Your fertility expert will conduct a

Semen analysis is a test done to check a man’s sample for abnormalities resulting in infertility. The test

Some medications and all illegal drugs come with ill effects on a man’s fertility. If you are trying for a

Sexual dysfunction is the lack or reduced sexual desire, arousal and orgasm. 30% of men and 40% of women

Diagnosing infertility of genetic causes is a complex procedure as numerous genes are involved in the various aspects of male

Infertility is the inability to contribute to conception. If a couple were trying to have a baby unsuccessfully

Cancer and cancer treatment can sometimes interfere with male fertility. There are many things that

Infertility is on the rise globally, and a significant part of it is attributed to stress, anxiety and other mental health

The immune system fights infectious microorganisms and foreign particles when they produce antibodies.

For a pregnancy to successfully take place, the sperms must find their way from the testicles to the urethra

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