Semen is a white-colored fluid ejaculated by males and it contains sperms. A semen culture test is done to determine the presence of any microbe that may cause infection and impact fertility. 

When is the Semen Culture test recommended?

If the male has blood in the semen, and suffers due to painful ejaculation and Dysuria (pain during urination), a semen culture test is recommended by the expert. The presence of pathogenic microorganisms can be detected by culturing the semen in the lab.  

What will be done during the test?

Semen sample is taken from the male patient and processed in the lab and then it is checked for the presence of bacteria or any other microorganism by culturing the semen in a growth media. This enables the specialist to identify the microbe after which an antibiotic sensitivity test is performed to know which antibiotic can help in treating the infection.  

Semen Culture Treatment 

Antibiotics will be prescribed depending on the microbe seen in the semen. A particular antibiotic will be used for which the microbe is sensitive. This Semen Culture test is very important as it helps the doctor in designing a specific antibiotic protocol to treat the infection.  

Is Semen Culture Test necessary for all male patients before conception? 

No, not at all. Only those who have the above-mentioned conditions need a semen culture test. It can be done before an IUI/IVF treatment to rule out any issues with respect to male reproductive health.

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