Author:  Dr Jigna Tamagond, Consultant – Fertility Specialist

Lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity, etc. all trigger fertility issues among males. When it comes to male infertility it cannot be emphasized enough about how not having a healthy body weight can lead to various fertility issues such as hormonal imbalance and disruptions in sperm production.

Sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, which raises the risk of various health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other diseases. These conditions directly or indirectly impact male fertility. Low to no physical activity is linked to higher stress levels and low-quality semen.

The kind of exercise, the intensity of the workout, and the training time are important parameters to be considered, as intense workout sessions such as running and cycling are associated with low quality semen.

Let’s explore how regular exercise boosts male fertility:

A regular exercise routine has its advantages and when done moderately, one can fetch some really good benefits in the area of male fertility. It is important to remember that rigorous and strenuous exercises can impact sperm quality and cause fertility issues in men due to prostate irritation and physical stress on the body. Thus, it is essential to maintain that delicate balance while working out.

Hormone balance:

Balanced hormone levels are vital for healthy reproductive health and optimal sperm production. Exercise promotes the regulation of hormone levels by lowering the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Better Sperm Quality:

Research has shown that working out 3-5 times per week increases sperm count, motility, and overall semen quality. Exercise along with quitting alcohol and smoking, improves blood circulation and oxygenation, and reduces inflammation, all factors that contribute to the development of healthy sperm.

Maintaining Weight:

Frequent exercise helps maintain a healthy weight by building muscle and decreasing body fat. Given that hormonal imbalances caused by obesity might affect fertility, it is important to get those extra calories burning!

Minimizing Stress:

Male fertility is adversely affected due to stress. Exercise reduces stress levels by releasing stress relievers such as endorphins. And healthy reproductive function is correlated with lower levels of stress.

Let’s get fit with workouts that fit into your lifestyle:

Below are a few workout options:

· Cardiovascular Workouts

· Aerobic Exercises

· Resistance Training

· Interval Training

· Pilates

· Yoga and meditation

· Swimming

Take away:

It is clear that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for overall health and fertility potential of a male. It is advisable to include some sort of physical activity for men who are planning for a pregnancy. Also, it is crucial to remember that male infertility issues can be complicated, and lifestyle modifications may not always be the answer. Consult with our expert andrologists to improve your fertility status.

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