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While hormonal causes of infertility are less common than anatomic causes, it is often seen in men

Undescended testicle or cryptorchidism is a condition where a testicle has not taken its position in the scrotum

When the semen enters the bladder and does not exit through the penis during ejaculation, the condition

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the condition where a man cannot have an erection or cannot maintain

In simple words, varicoceles are enlarged veins. These can occur in the scrotum too. It presents as swelling

Leukocytospermia is a condition where there are over one million white blood cells in one millilitre of ejaculate

Necrozoospermia is a condition where the sperm in a fresh sample is dead or necrotic. When there is 50 to 80%

Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT) is a condition in which the semen sample has Oligozoospermia,

Teratozoospermia is a condition where there is an increase in abnormal sperms in a man’s semen.

Asthenozoospermia is used to describe the condition where a man’s semen sample shows reduced sperm motility

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